Microsoft bringing improved File Hover Card to OneDrive

Microsoft yesterday announced some of the new features that will be coming to OneDrive this month.

In OneDrive web experience, File Hover Card allows you to have a quick peek at your files. Microsoft is now expanding this File Hover Card support to all file types in addition to core Office file types. In the File Hover Card, you can now view and viewer counts of your files.

Microsoft will roll out the redesigned Office 365 header for OneDrive and SharePoint. This change will bring consistency in look and functionality. Microsoft is also introducing new default color for OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft is also bringing improved scan experiences in OneDrive mobile apps. You will be able to choose the save location from anywhere in your OneDrive or SharePoint Sites for new scans. OneDrive team has also improved the performance of scan uploads on lower-end Android devices.

Source: Microsoft

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