Microsoft announces six new features for Microsoft Whiteboard


21, 2019

Microsoft Whiteboard for Education allows students to draw, add notes and charts, write, type, and work together on a freeform digital canvas. Microsoft today announced six new features in Microsoft Whiteboard for Education to improve collaboration among students. Read about those features below:

  • Reactions give students and teachers the ability to quickly “thumbs-up” stickies, images, and text on the Whiteboard from their Windows 10 or iOS device.
  • Send to Teams encourages students and teachers to continue the conversation beyond the class period by allowing individual users to share boards they’ve created to a channel within Microsoft Teams.
  • Immersive Reader in Microsoft Whiteboard provides a set of tools like focus mode, parts of speech identification, and a Picture Dictionary to help students better decode text on the whiteboard – and ultimately improve their reading comprehension in general.
  • Follow-along (preview) helps direct students’ view by automatically following and zooming in on one user’s contributions to the board. For example, a student with low vision could use follow-along to keep the Whiteboard zoomed to wherever their teacher is working on the board, and thus stay focused on the most relevant content.
  • Read-only mode helps reduce this problem by allowing teachers to “mute” particular individuals, reducing distraction without embarrassing the student or interrupting the flow of a lesson.
  • Two space-themed EDU sticker packs.

All these features will be available on Whiteboard app for Windows 10 and iOS in the coming weeks.

Source: Microsoft

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