Microsoft announces several new features across email and calendar that will help you save time


29, 2019

Microsoft yesterday announced several new intelligent features across email and calendar on Outlook on the web that will help you save time. Meeting related information in the meeting invite, suggested reply to easily create meetings and location suggestions are some of the new features that are announced yesterday. Read about them in detail below.

  • Meeting Insights – Using Microsoft Graph, Outlook will recommend you relevant information so you can prepare for your meeting. After meeting is over, Outlook will help you organize and find information about past meetings. The information includes files that have been shared with you in email, public files on SharePoint or OneDrive, emails you’ve had on the meeting topic, content shared during the meeting, meeting notes, and post-meeting content.
  • Suggested reply with a meeting – When Outlook detects there is an intent to meet between the people in the conversation, one of the suggested options will be “Schedule a meeting”. You can click it and the meeting form will appear with pre-populated information so you can get arrange meetings easily.
  • Smart time suggestions – When you are trying to schedule a meeting, Outlook will suggest days and times when attendees are free to meet. Yes, no more sending email to know availability of everyone.
  • Suggested locations – When you create a meeting, you can now click on the location bar to see Outlook’s suggestions. You can also see details about these locations like address, business hours, and contact information.

These features are rolling out to Outlook on the web users in the next few weeks.

Source: Outlook

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