Microsoft announce MS-DOS Mobile for Windows Phone, and you can download it for real

by Surur
April 1, 2015

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What if you stripped the Metro all the way to Black and White blinking text. Today Microsoft announced MS-DOS Mobile for Windows Phone, that finally gives you access to the command line, and lets you execute commands such as:image

  • cd programs
  • cd phone
  • dir
  • Contacts – Opens the contacts list.
  • Email [address] – After user types a message and presses the done button in the application bar, the platform’s email composer is launched
  • Maps [search terms] – Launches the map app with search terms
  • Market – Launches Windows Phone Store
  • Phone [number] – Launches phone app with given number
  • Review – Launches review page for this app
  • Cortana [search terms] – Launches Cortana with the search terms
  • SMS [number] – Launches SMS composer with the number

Best of all, unlike Windows 10 Mobile, you can download the update right now!

You know you’ve been waiting  ages just for this.  Download it from the Windows Phone Store here.

Update: The app is obviously an April’s Fools day joke by Microsoft, but still works pretty well, and should be good to trick your friends also. Download it at the link above.

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