Latest Skype Insider Build now lets you send audio messages from desktop and more

by Rahul
November 1, 2019

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Microsoft has released a new Skype Insider Preview Build with a couple of important new features.

The new Skype Build now lets you send audio messages from your desktop just like you send voice messages through Skype on your smartphone. The new update also added the Translated Conversation feature, taking advantage of which you can easily chat with your friends in a different language.

Aside from that, the update comes with plenty of bug fixes and performance improvement. You can see the official changelog below.


Send audio messages from desktop: Hundreds of thousands of audio messages are sent daily from Skype mobile apps. With this update sending an audio message is now available also on your desktop.

Translated Conversation: Talking and chatting with people all over the world in a different language just got even easier with Translated Conversations in Skype

Less bugs! Not that we are saying there were any bugs before. But there are fewer now.

Screen sharing on macOS Catalina: We have updated all the background things to ensure that screen sharing on macOS Catalina (10.15) works perfectly. Or, at least, works as expected.

These new features are being rolled out in a phased manner, meaning that it’s very much possible that you won’t get the update today. If you haven’t received the update yet, the best you can do is wait for a few more days.

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