Joe Belfiore clarifies Microsoft’s position on Windows phone

While one might assume Microsoft’s treatment of Windows Mobile to be a strong indicator of where the product stands in terms of priorities, others still have required something stronger and more explicitly from an official source, not settling for innuendo and implication. Today, former face of Windows Mobile and budding hair model Joe Belfiore took to Twitter today to answer the questions of a few mobile fans.

Belfiore had a few things to say about bringing a live-tiles esque interface to Android,

Belfiore also addressed questions about Windows Mobile (addressed as Windows phone in the question) posed by fans. This time, Belfiore did not shy away from answering or dodge the question with a vague but noncommittal reply but brought some frank honesty to the table.

So there you have it, a clear, cold, realistic assessment of Windows Mobile status right from someone who helped build it up. Windows Mobile’s most dedicated fans have long since held on hope that Microsoft would be planning something for mobile soon, but as Belfiore clarifies here, new features and hardware isn’t on Microsoft’s plan for mobile at the m0ment. As a strategy, this is the right one to take. Windows phone was never on a path for growth when Satya Nadella took over, Microsoft’s prior mistakes in the market had doomed them. Unless they could disrupt the market with something (and they tried), there would be no victory here, and nothing to gain but a perpetual participation trophy.

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