Japan’s NTT working with Microsoft and others to develop 6G technology

November 14, 2019

NTT, a popular Japanese telecommunications company, is forming alliance (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) to develop 6G technology. According to the report from Nikkei, NTT has revealed that Microsoft is planning to joining the alliance. NTT is currently in talks with 65 companies around the world for this 6G alliance.

NTT is developing low-energy optical semiconductors that will allow smartphones to run for weeks on a single charge. NTT believes that these upcoming semiconductors would consume just one-hundredth of the power used by current semiconductors. The IOWN alliance will be working on the following:

  • Photonics R&D, including photonic devices of the future, photonic network equipment and end-to-end architecture, powered by advances in photonics-electronics convergence technologies. This will significantly reduce power consumption and enable instant access and response by shortening latency times and broadening transmission capacity.
  • Distributed computing, which is expected to be increasingly critical for computing across networks, leveraging both AI and workloads that will be dynamic and distributed.
  • Use cases and best practices for a smart world and enabling technologies, such as Digital Twin Computing (a computing paradigm that enables humans and things in the real world to be recreated and interact without restrictions in cyberspace), R&D in human behavior and society modeling, large-scale simulations and next-generation “real” UI/UX device technologies.

Source: Nikkei

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