HTML 5 vs Silverlight 5, A Deep Dive From Microsoft

David Catuhe from Microsoft today posted a HTML5 and Silverlight 5 comparison post. The post covers mostly on all the developer aspects of both the platforms. Microsoft also shared the stats from which shows Silverlight 4 is installed on 73% of PC’s and HTML5 in 75% of PC’s. BTW, its important to note that HTML5 varies from browser to browser. Take a look at the table below to see how HTML5 and Silverlight 5 stand against each other.

Match Vainqueur
HTML vs XAML – Extensibility Silverlight
HTML vs XAML – DOM access Draw game
HTML vs XAML – Code/Tag separation Draw game
Tools Silverlight
Languages – Development Silverlight
Languages – Performances HTML
SVG vs Shapes Draw game
Canvas vs WriteableBitmap – Functionalities Draw game
Canvas vs WriteableBitmap – PixelsPerformances Draw game
Canvas vs WriteableBitmap – Shapes Performances Draw game
Brushes Draw game
Controls Silverlight
Layout Draw game
Databinding Silverlight
Web workers vs System.Threading Silverlight
Animations Draw game
Web Requests & Web Services – Web requests Draw game
Web Requests & Web Services – Web services Silverlight
Media (Audio & Video) Silverlight
Isolated storage Draw game
WebSockets vs System.Net.Sockets Silverlight
Devices (cameras, microphones & printers) Silverlight
Quiclky evolving technology Silverlight
Portability Windows / Mac OS Silverlight
Portability iOS/Androïd HTML
Intellectual property protection Slightly advantage to Silverlight

For more detailed explanation on each of the aspects compared above, visit this blog.