High Resolution pictures of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s cool cases leak

by Surur
August 8, 2021

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A week ago we posted some leaked pictures of Samsung’s official cases for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and today Winfuture posted some better quality pictures of the same collection.

The cases will be available in leather, silicone + strap, clear and silicone + ring designs and are far from boring.

My favourite is the instantly iconic silicone and strap, which can be seen above.

Next is the silicone and ring version, which presumably lets you bring your own strap.

There is also the boring but attractive leather cases.

Lastly, we have what appears to be a carbon fibre version.

The ring case will be available in clear and purple, while the handset will be available in Black, Silver, Purple, and probably in Gold colour options.

What do our readers think of the fun new case designs? Let us know below.

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