Developer Submission: Gray’s Anatomy Pro for Windows phone

Gray’s Anatomy is an classic human anatomy textbook originally written by Henry Gray. The first in 1858 and is considered by many to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time. Gray’s Anatomy is now available in your Windows phones.


  • All illustrations had descriptions.
  • Browse by Systems and Regions
  • Tap and Multitouch Zoom
  • Simple, Easy Interface
  • Search by Description texts
  • All data on a single Download
  • It is not necessary to be connect to the internet


– By Systems:

1. Skeletal System

2. Muscular System

3. Nervous System

4. Cardiovascular System

5. Respiratory System

6. Digestive System

7. Endocrine System

8. Urinary System

9. Reproductive System

10. Lymphatic System

11. Integumentary System

12. Sensory System

– By Regions

1. Head

2. Neck

3. Upper Limb

4. Back

5. Thorax

6. Abdomen

7. Pelvis and Perineum

8. Lower Limb

We recommend this app for Doctors, Nurses, Students, Teachers and anyone who is interested in the wonder and complexity of the human body.

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Download it from the Windows Store here.

Gray's Anatomy Pro
Gray's Anatomy Pro
Developer: bui yen binh
Price: Free
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