Google brings advanced ARCore capability to hundreds of millions of Android devices

June 26, 2020

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ARCore is Google’s developer platform for augmented reality (AR) apps. It is supported on Android and iOS (through Unity) devices. Last year, Google revealed the ARCore Depth API that uses depth-from-motion algorithms to generate a depth map with a single RGB camera. Even without specific hardware like ToF sensor, this new API allowed developers to create more realistic AR experiences. Yesterday, Google announced that Depth API is now available in ARCore 1.18 for Android and Unity, including AR Foundation. Hundreds of millions of Android devices are compatible with this new Depth API.

A key capability of the Depth API is occlusion: the ability for digital objects to accurately appear behind real world objects. This makes objects feel as if they’re actually in your space, creating a more realistic AR experience.

If your device has time-of-flight (ToF) sensor, the quality of AR experience will further improve. You can visit this link for more information.

Source: Google

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