GitHub code search is getting substantial improvements

December 8, 2021
GitHub Code Search

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GitHub Code Search

GitHub code search is getting substantial improvements in the coming months. GitHub today announced the technology preview of this upcoming improved search experience. In the preview phase, you can try out the following:

  • Easily find what you’re looking for among the top results, with smart ranking and an index that is optimized for code.
  • Search for an exact string, with support for substring matches and special characters, or use regular expressions (enclosed in / separators).
  • Scope your searches with org: or repo: qualifiers, with auto-completion suggestions in the search box.
  • Refine your results using filters like language:path:extension:, and Boolean operators (ORNOT). Search for definitions of a symbol with symbol:.
  • Get your bearings quickly with additional features, like a directory tree view, symbol information for the active scope, jump-to-definition, select-to-search, and more!
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Sign up for the waitlist now. After the preview is enabled for your account, you can try out the new search experience at

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