Forgot Huawei Tablet Password? Here’s how to Unlock it

September 5, 2023

Forgetting the password to my Huawei tablet was a moment of sheer frustration. Locked out and unsure of what to do next, I delved into finding solutions. If you’re facing the same predicament, here’s a guide to help you out:

Unlocking Huawei Tablet Without Factory Reset via Google Account:

Step 1: Incorrect Password Attempts

  • Action: Power on your Huawei tablet.
  • Details: Press the “Power” button. Enter the wrong unlock password repeatedly.
  • Outcome: After multiple incorrect attempts, an option labeled “Forgot Pattern/Password” should appear.

Step 2: Google Account Credentials

  • Action: Tap on the “Forgot Pattern/Password” option.
  • Details: You’ll be redirected to a Google account login page.
  • Outcome: Enter your Google account email and password associated with the tablet.

Step 3: Unlocking

  • Action: Input the correct Google account credentials.
  • Details: Ensure you enter the email and password correctly.
  • Outcome: Your tablet will unlock if the credentials are accurate.

Step 4: Reset Security

  • Action: Navigate to the device’s settings.
  • Details: Go to security settings and change the PIN, password, or pattern lock.
  • Outcome: Set a new security measure that you can remember.

Unlocking Huawei Tablet with Factory Reset:

Step 1: Power Off

  • Action: Turn off the tablet.
  • Details: Press and hold the “Power” button until a menu appears. Select “Power Off”.
  • Outcome: The tablet will shut down.

Step 2: Enter Recovery Mode

  • Action: Boot the tablet into recovery mode.
  • Details: With the tablet powered off, press and hold the “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons simultaneously.
  • Outcome: The recovery mode menu will appear.

Step 3: Factory Reset Option

  • Action: Initiate a factory reset.
  • Details: Use the volume buttons to navigate the recovery mode menu. Highlight “Wipe data/factory reset” and confirm with the power button.
  • Outcome: The tablet will begin the reset process, erasing all data.

Step 4: Completion

  • Action: Reboot the tablet.
  • Details: After the reset, select “Reboot System Now” in the recovery mode menu.
  • Outcome: The tablet will restart, and you can set it up as a new device.

Unlocking Through Huawei Service Provider:

Step 1: Locate Service Provider

  • Action: Find the nearest official Huawei service provider.
  • Details: Visit the Huawei official website and navigate to the “Support” section. Use the locator tool to find the closest service center.
  • Outcome: You’ll have a list of nearby Huawei service centers.

Step 2: Online Assistance

  • Action: Engage with Huawei’s online customer service.
  • Details: On the Huawei support page, click the “Contact Us” button. Describe your issue to the representative.
  • Outcome: The representative will provide guidance and may connect you with a local service provider.

Step 3: Proof of Ownership

  • Action: Visit the service center.
  • Details: Bring your tablet and any proof of purchase, such as a receipt or warranty card.
  • Outcome: The service provider will verify your ownership of the tablet.

Step 4: Unlocking

  • Action: Allow the service provider to unlock the tablet.
  • Details: The technician will use official Huawei tools and methods to unlock the device. This might involve a factory reset.
  • Outcome: Your tablet will be unlocked, but you may lose stored data if a reset was necessary.

I hope this guide helps you regain access to your Huawei tablet. Always remember to regularly back up your data and note down passwords in a secure place!


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