Firefox Voice will allow you to browse the web with your voice

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Firefox Voice is a new experimental add-on from Mozilla that will allow you to browse the web with your voice. For example, you can just tell “Go to the New York Times” or “Play Green Day on Spotify” to perform simple actions. Check out the demo of this feature in the video embedded above. Right now, Firefox Voice supports the actions like the following.

Search and Navigate Faster: Weather you need to maintain your focus or just have your hands full, now you can go hand-free to retrieve information instantly.

  • “What’s the name of that paella spice?”
  • “Tell me about the Salton Sea”

Play music: Play and control music on your favorite websites

  • “Play Jazz on Spotify”
  • “Pause”

Control Tabs: Got a lot of open tabs in your browser? Find the one you are looking for instantly or just open another new one.

  • “Find my calendar tab”
  • “Close tab”

You can find the full list of what you can say to Firefox Voice here.  If you are interested in trying out this add-on, visit this page.

Source: Mozilla