Expires – know when your things expire

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Do you remember when your passport expires? Your id card? ISIC? Do you remember when should your car go through an inspection? You don’t have to. That’s what Expires is for.

No more having to remember all these things, or having to write them down. Calender is too complicated for something so simple. With Expires, you only need 3 steps. Select the type of item, when it expires and how much in advance you want to be notified. It’s that simple. Everything is in one place.

You can see the top items which are about to expire right on the live tile on your start screen. And when the the time comes, Expires will notify you about them, so there is no chance you will ever forget.

store qr codeTop features:

  • Simple to use, add items with only 3 steps
  • Sleek live tile which also supports wide mode
  • Backup you data to Windows Azure
  • Preset most common item types + you can add your own
  • App notifies you in advance with standard system reminder

Expires is available with a free trial, which is limited by max 3 items. You can download it here.

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