Download Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10041 Now

Windows 10 Build 10036 2

Microsoft today released Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10041 to Windows Insiders Fast Ring users.

If you are new to Windows Insider program, follow these steps to download Technical Preview:

  • Sign up for the Windows Insider Program, if you haven’t already.

  • Read the system requirements.

  • Click one of the Download links on this page to download a special file—it’s called an ISO file—that you can use to install the preview.

  • When the download is complete, transfer the ISO file to installation media such as a USB flash drive or DVD.

  • Boot your PC from the installation media, and then follow the steps to perform a clean install.

If you are already on Windows 10 Technical Preview Builds,

  • If you’re currently configured for the Fast, the build is available now.
  • Just like last time, this new build will come to you automatically via Windows Update, installed during your maintenance window if your PC is plugged in and on or sleeping.
  • If you don’t want to wait for it to download and install on its own – you can go to PC Settings, Update and recovery, Preview builds and click the Check Now button to go get it now.
  • This is a full build, and it will be installed as an in-place upgrade, so you’ll go through those colorful “installing your apps” screens again. This is because your account is being re-provisioned after the upgrade.

Update: There is no ISOs for Windows 10 Build 10041. You need to update through Windows update.

Update 2: There is a community built ISO to install Windows 10 Build 10041. Find more details here.