Following the reveal that DMC V Special Edition performance on PS5 was rather unstable,  the video game performance analysts at Digital Foundry have put together the first next-gen head-to-head. So,  how does Devil May Cry V Xbox Series X performance look? Find out below! 

In the analysis,  the analysts took a look at every single mode available in the next-gen enhanced version of Devil May Cry V and compared them in terms of performance.  Visually,  both versions of the appear to be completely identical,  so framerate is the only differing factor.

In the game’s normal mode,  both systems attempt to render at a full native 4K at 60fps, although having the game play on any device with 120Hz support will complete disregard framerate caps leading to the images you’ll see below.

In this mode,  Xbox Series X outperforms PlayStation 5 on average but both systems bring in rather unstable levels of performance when breaking the 60fps cap.  However, on displays where that isn’t an issue,  they perform quite well.

However,  the game’s actual high framerate mode sees the performance advantage that the Devil May Cry V Xbox Series X version held completely disappear in favour of PlayStation 5. This leads to the systems trading blows in some places and PS5 completely taking the lead in others.

“It’s conjecture on our part, but there is the sense that there’s a graphics API bottleneck here that impacts performance on the Xbox side in some scenarios, while PS5 simply powers on,” writes Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter.

While average framerate counts were identical at 100fps, Xbox drops to far lower performance levels when it does drop.

Devil May Cry V Xbox Series X performance DMC V Special Edition performance ps5
Devil May Cry V Xbox Series X performance is far lower than PlayStation 5 in this situation. Also, nice.

Much like PS5,  the Devil May Cry V Xbox Series X version has two different ray-tracing modes, a 1080p performance mode and a 4K quality mode.

Both of these modes perform ever-so-slightly better on the Xbox Series X version with minor gains on the Microsoft box, with the performance mode seeing a wider gain in Xbox performance. Curiously, both systems rise and fall in the exact same places on DF’s framerate graph for the quality ray-tracing mode, essentially being neck-in-neck.