Developers: Add Support For Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer Gaming In Windows Phone Mango


22, 2011

One of the neat feature coming to Windows Phone Mango for developers is the support for accessing TCP and UDP Sockets. This will enable game developers to enable their games for multipalyer gaming. From Channel 9,

One of the new features for the app platform in Windows Phone Mango is TCP and UDP Sockets. In this blog post, I’ll talk about using this to augment an existing game to add peer-to-peer multiplayer over WiFi using UdpAnySourceMulticastClient. Phones running the game on the same WiFi network automatically discover one another and the players just appear on the screen.

There is also a sample code of a real game for developers to learn how to enable these for their respective games. Hopefully we get some good multiplayer titles from developers with the release of Windows Phone Mango.

via: mobilitydigest

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