Developer Submission: Photove – Major update for search and lockscreen


20, 2017

Photove got a major update today, with performance improvements and style.
The major upgrades of this update is about three things:

  • With the new API you can now search also users and collections
  • Now you can set the automatic lockscreen update to: 6/12/24 hours
  • UI with MDL2 icons, now you can see the stats for every picture

UnSplash in these days has also added to the site the “user follow” feature, this will be integrated quickly when the new API endpoints will be added and it will also overwrite the actual “follow user” feature in Photove.
However you’ll be able to import your current following users list.

The app

Photove is an unofficial UnSplash client for Windows 10 devices. With Photove, in addition to an advanced and cool way to browse the UnSplash catalougue, you can also login and manage your collections, follow users, add likes to the pictures, etc.
Photove is constantly following the UnSplash API to add new features whenever available.
I’m working now on an auto-set lockscreenwallpaper feature and the cortana integration.


  • Search photos, users and collections and browse the UnSplash catalougue
  • Get random pictures
  • Share UnSplash images with friends
  • Set lockscreenwallpaper
  • Custom layout
  • Follow users
  • Manage collection
  • Add Likes to the pictures

The app has been made only for passion, there aren’t in-app costs, no ads, is free.

Price: Free
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