Developer Submission: Diabetes Analyzer gets a major upgrade to V2.0

Diabetes Analyzer is currently one of the best and also one of the few Diabetes Tracking apps available for windows 10.
The application helps you to keep track of your blood glucose levels at different times of day such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
The application has now been updated to V2.0 with following features:

  • A Complete New Logo
  • Reduced App Size Drastically
  • Completely ReDesigned Statistics Page
  • Now Know if your Glucose Value is High or Low
  • A New Pro Mode
  • Ability to Edit Data(Only Pro Mode Users)
  • New Animation for Graphs

The app has following features:

  • Enter Blood Glucose levels for various times of day
  • Keep track of your blood glucose as well as export your data to CSV file
  • See the graph for your data
  • Keep track of your minimum, maximum and Average glucose values

Download the app fromhere.

Diabetes Analyzer
Diabetes Analyzer
Developer: Bhavya Shah
Price: Free