Developer Submission: devFeed (Beta) comes out of beta and changes name

The first third-party client for devRant, devFeed, has been updated to v1.0.0.0 and renamed to devRant unofficial.

It comes with over 40 changes since v0.9.10.0 beta.


  • Out of Beta;
  • Renamed to ‘devRant unofficial’;
  • Better Redstone (Build 14393) support;
  • Native GIF support on Redstone;
  • New font (Qanelas);
  • Double-tap to ++ a Rant or a Comment;
  • Pull-To-Refresh in the Rant View;
  • Complete Profile View;
  • Avatar Builder;
  • Zoomed Avatar View;
  • Download Avatar;
  • Copy Profile Link;
  • Notifs View;
  • News panel, in the Feed View;
  • Weekly Rants;
  • Add Rant to favorites;
  • Remove Rant from favorites;
  • Modify your Rants and Comments (within 5 minutes)
  • Redesigned Rant UI;
  • Download Rant image;
  • Added Error Messages (internet or devRant problems)
  • Redesigned Settings UI;
  • Show/Hide Status Bar, in the Settings;
  • Removed ‘go to top’ when tapping the logo;
  • Added ‘go to top’ button;
  • Swag Store;
  • Tap a Link to open it, in the Rant View;
  • Highlited links and quoted users (@user), in the Rant View;
  • Fixed Search UI;
  • Fixed tags;
  • Fixed ‘Vote’ function;
  • Fixed Rants and Comments formatting;
  • Fixed ‘Post a Comment’ form;
  • Coded from scratch;
  • Fixed themes;
  • Entire UI restructured;
  • A lot of UI improvements;
  • A lot of Performance improvements;
  • A lot of minor changes;
  • Fixed minior bugs.
devRant unofficial
devRant unofficial
Developer: Jakub Steplowski
Price: Free