Caktus AI Review: Testing All Features

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Caktus AI Review

In this Caktus AI review, I’ll explain what it does, who it’s for, and how it compares to other AI assistants.

I’ve used several AI writing assistants, but none could handle my essay-writing tasks while solving logical problems like code. However, I recently tried Caktus AI, which promised to do both.

Keep reading to find out whether it’s the study tool for you.

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an AI platform that helps with studying and homework. It offers essay writing services, provides personalized feedback, and can tailor the writing style to individual needs.

The platform can also solve math equations, solve coding problems, and explain scientific concepts. 

Additionally, Caktus AI has learning resources like question-and-answer forums, discussion boards, and general education materials to make studying easier.

Caktus AI Review: Features

Caktus AI occupies a unique space in the AI revolution. While there are many LLMs, few are dedicated to education.

Below are some of the most significant features of Caktus AI.

AI Essay Writer

Caktus AI uses artificial intelligence to help you create essays from the ground up, or improve your existing work.

You can use Caktus AI to write 3 types of essays:

  • Easy essay: A creative essay with less emphasis on academic sources.
  • Simple essay: A creative essay with some elements of academia. Includes citations and academic sources.
  • Detailed essay: This allows you to include your research for a detailed and factual academic essay.

Caktus AI claims its “easy essays” are harder for AI detectors to flag as AI content. However, when I tested it, most AI scanners identified the essay as generated by AI.

Nevertheless, Caktus AI is better at generating factual essays than competitors like Conch AI which generates inaccurate information sometimes.

Solving Math and Science Problems

If you have a math problem, you can type it into Chatgpt and get an answer with a simple explanation. However, Caktus AI gives you a solution while explaining the concept in more detail.

Thanks to its wide variety of academic resources, you can even opt to read more about the mathematical concept or talk about it in a discussion group.

Similarly, Caktus AI can generate answers for complex science and technology questions and explain them in detail.

Compared to platforms like Khan Academy and Udemy, Caktus AI is more helpful in how it answers questions. It’s more of a study companion than a tool that gives you answers for your homework.

Language Tutor

If you’re trying to learn a new language at any level, you can also use Caktus AI. The platform transforms into your personalized language coach. 

Practice pronunciation, delve into the intricacies of grammar, and gain cultural insights into idioms and customs of languages like Spanish, Arabic, and French. 

However, Caktus AI leans more into the academic method of studying new languages than the casual method used by alternatives like Duolingo. 

For instance, Duolingo has a mobile app you can schedule and access several times daily to practice pronunciation.

AI Detector and Humanizer

Caktus AI also has an AI detector you can use to check if AI generated an essay. From my tests, it was quite accurate, even to the point of flagging down its own work.

However, its Humanizer feature is not effective for some of the popular AI detectors like Originality AI.

AI Assistant

Finally, Caktus AI has an AI chatbot where you can ask for help on any topic. It can help you understand any concept in English and STEM  while giving you access to various study materials.

How to Use Caktus AI

While Caktus AI has dozens of uses, most students use it to generate essays and solve math problems. Below are the steps to generating an easy essay on the platform.

  1. Open Caktus AI’s website and click on Join Caktus.
Open Caktus AI’s website and click on Join Caktus.
  1. Create an account with your name, email, and password. You can also use your Google or Discord account to sign in.
Create a Caktus AI account with your name, email, and password.
  1. Once you’re signed in, click on Essay Writer.
Essay writer on Caktus AI
  1. Click on Easy Essay.
Click on Easy Essay Caktus AI
  1. Write a prompt explaining what you want your essay to be about. Give as much detail as possible for best results. You can click on the Make it Long toggle if you want it to be long.
Write a prompt explaining what you want your essay to be about
  1. Click on Generate. Caktus AI will generate an Essay based on your prompt.
Click on Generate Caktus AI

Caktus AI Pricing

To end this Caktus AI review, we must talk about its price. The platform has two main plans:

  • The base plan for $14.99 monthly: Gives you access to all learning, writing, and coding tools.
  • The pro plan for $19.99 monthly: All base features plus priority support, AI detection, and humanizer tools.

Additionally, Caktus offers a 3-day pro plan trial for $1.

Get Caktus AI

Caktus AI Review Verdict

Caktus AI is a one-of-a-kind studying assistant that uses AI to help students improve their grades. While there are many AI tools you can use to learn almost anything, its focus on academic material makes it ideal for students.

However, it’s expensive for an AI tool that’s limited to academic purposes. Therefore, I recommend trying the $1 3-day trial before deciding whether it’s worth the money. I hope this Caktus AI review is of help to you and now you can make an informed decision.