Bug Fixes And Known Issues In The First Major HoloLens Development Edition Update

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Microsoft today released their first major update for HoloLens development edition with lots of new features like support for running multiple apps, new voice commands and more. Read about the features in detail here. This build also includes several bug fixes and few known issues. Find them below.

Major Fixes:

We fixed issues with hologram spaces where the spaces would be slow or incorrectly detected. We fixed a shutdown issue that could continue to try launching the shell during shutdown.

We fixed an issue

  • that blocks the ability to resume a XAML application.
  • where a crash would leave a black screen and some jagged lines.
  • scrolling would sometimes stick in the wrong direction when using some apps.
  • the power LEDs could indicate an off state when the device was still on.
  • WiFi could get turned off after resuming from standby.
  • the Xbox identity provider offers gamertag setup and then gets stuck in a loop.
  • the Shell occasionally crashes when selecting a downloaded file in the OneDrive File Picker.
  • pressing and holding on a link sometimes both opens a new, broken tab and opens a context menu.
  • where windows device portal didn’t allow IPD adjustments from 50 to 80

We fixed issues with Photos where

  • an image would occasionally display rotated due to ignoring the EXIF orientation property.
  • it could crash during start-up on pinned Photos.
  • videos would restart after pausing instead of continuing from where last paused.
  • replay of a shared video could be prevented if it was shared while playing.
  • Mixed Reality Capture recordings would begin with 0.5-1 second of audio only feed.
  • the Sync button disappears during initial OneDrive sync.

We fixed issues with settings where

  • a refresh was needed when the environment changes.
  • ‘Enter’ on keyboard would not behave like clicking Next in some dialogs.
  • it was hard to know when the clicker failed pairing.
  • it could become unresponsive with WiFi disconnect and connect.

We fixed issues with Cortana where

  • it could get stuck displaying the Listening UI.
  • asking “Hey Cortana, what can I say” from an exclusive mode app would get stuck if you answered maybe rather yes/no to the request to exit the app.
  • the Cortana listening UI doesn’t resume correctly if you ask Cortana to go to sleep and then resume.
  • the queries “What network am I connected to?” and the “Am I connected?” could fail when the first network profile comes back with no connectivity.
  • the UI froze on “Listening” but upon exiting an app would immediately began doing speech recognition again.
  • where signing out of the Cortana app wouldn’t let you sign back into it until a reboot.
  • it would not launch when Mixed Reality Capture UI was active.

We fixed issues with Visual Studio where

  • background task debugging did not work.
  • frame analysis in the graphics debugger did not work.
  • the HoloLens Emulator did not appear in the drop-down list for Visual Studio unless your project’s TargetPlatformVersion was set to 10240.

Changes From Previous Release:

The Cortana command Hey Cortana, reboot the device does not work. User can say Hey Cortana, restart or Hey Cortana, restart the device.

Known Issues:

Visual Studio

  • While you may be able to connect to a HoloLens with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, there are quite a few known issues that are fixed in Update 2. We recommend Update 2 for all HoloLens development.
  • “DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -2145615869” – You may see this error if you reboot your device after a debugging session and then try to start debugging again. If you see this, restart Visual Studio and try debugging your app again. This will be fixed in a future Visual Studio update.
  • Users of Visual Studio 15 preview 2 may notice that the option for creating a new Holographic DirectX 11 App is missing from the New Project menu. To work around this, you can use Visual Studio 2015 to create the new project as described in Creating a holographic DirectX project, then close the project and re-open it in Visual Studio 15 preview 2. Users of Visual Studio 15 preview 1 will still be able to create new Holographic DirectX 11 apps using the New Project menu as long as Visual Studio 2015 is also installed.
  • HoloLens device users who receive an update to the latest HoloLens OS may not be able to use the Visual Studio profiler tools or graphics debugger. This affects all device users who had enabled Developer Mode on their devices before receiving the update. When the profiler or graphics debugger is started, users will see an error instructing to reboot the target device. Unfortunately, in this case a reboot will not fix the problem and the error will persist.
    • Workaround: After receiving the OS update, perform a clean reset of your HoloLens device from Settings. This will delete all apps and other saved information on your device, but the OS update will remain. You can then re-enable Developer Mode and use the profiling tools as expected. You will still see an error the first time you launch a profiler prompting you to reboot, but in this case the reboot will resolve the error.


  • Not all apps in the Windows Store are compatible with the emulator. For example, Conker and Fragments are not playable on the emulator.
  • You cannot use the PC webcam in the Emulator.
  • The Live Preview feature of the Windows Device Portal does not work with the emulator. You can still capture Mixed Reality videos and images.


  • Known issues with the Unity HoloLens Technical Preview are documented in the HoloLens Unity forums.
  • Additional steps are needed to enable uGUI support on HoloLens. Please see the HoloLens uGUI post on the Unity forums for more details.
  • Enabling single traversal rendering results in the scene rendering incorrectly.
  • After a while, dictation stops working after reinitializing DictationRecognizer.

Windows Device Portal

  • When using Kiosk Mode, users cannot return to an exclusive app after opening Edge or the soft keyboard.
  • The Live Preview feature in Mixed Reality capture may exhibit several seconds of latency.


  • GetPoseForTime can take a long time

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