AT&T collaborates with Microsoft to deliver faster, smarter, simpler network thru Private 5G Edge

February 28, 2022
AT&T and Microsoft logo
Through its collaboration with Microsoft, AT&T aims to provide low-latency services at the edge through an integrated platform of 4G/5G wireless networks.

The emergence of 5G technology has been a game-changer, enabling industries to push forward to the next level of revolution. Unsurprisingly, industries are embracing its promise of great security, reliability, scalability, and low latency.

However, AT&T, a Next-Gen Private Networking, is taking the advantages of 5G technology to another level. Through its collaboration with Microsoft, AT&T aims to provide low-latency services at the edge through an integrated platform of 4G/5G wireless networks. 

AT&T’s Private 5G Edge offers exceptional capabilities through the combination of 5G and edge computing to provide simple, secured, flexible, and fast connections to support clients’ speedy delivery of innovations. Among the key features and capabilities that this project boasts is the promise of simplicity, along with the ability to go beyond the geographical boundaries of the private network, yet maintain the connection through the AT&T public network.   

AT&T Private 5G Edge for Evolving Business Needs 

AT&T recognizes that with its clients’ evolving needs and demands, it has to keep on upgrading to maintain its place as among the top players in deploying private networks for the public sector, educational institutions, and businesses. 

As such, in collaboration with Microsoft, AT&T is working on the development of Private 5G Edge that would offer a secured and dedicated 5G connectivity with edge computing, minus the highly complex installation and operation. This integrated platform will use a single platform to provide connectivity and embedded applications, using CBRS spectrum and/or AT&T spectrum to meet the client’s needs. 

AT&T Business’ VP for Product Strategy and Innovation, Rupesh Chokshi, indicated that this collaboration brings innovation to life for clients by integrating technology with a flexible business model. 

Make it simple

Indeed, the promise of 5G technology is impressive, which is why it is on the rise. However, the complexity of this technology could be challenging for some industries. With AT&T Private 5G Edge, however, companies could have access to these excellent capabilities minus the extensive complexities and large floor space requirements.  

As such, AT&T Private 5G Edge is the perfect match for organizations and industries which require a private network but want it to be simple and flexible. Further, with this technology’s expandability and flexibility, clients could begin with low investments and eventually expand as they get a handle of how AT&T Private 5G Edge could best boost their productivity.    

More Reach 

Not only does AT&T Private 5G Edge aim to provide simple, secured, flexible, and fast connections, it also aims to extend its reach across the US. A feature that AT&T and Microsoft are working on in this project is the capability to stay connected through AT&T’s public network even after roaming off the private network’s boundaries. 

With this, while the AT&T private network could be used to track a company’s equipment within its boundaries, that equipment that might have been loaned in another location could still be accounted for through the AT&T public network.

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