Ark/8 has partnered with Bungie for new Destiny clothing line

April 8, 2021
Ark8 Destiny

High-end Clothing Brand ARK/8 has created a Destiny Europa Capsule collection in collaboration with Bungie. 

“Inspired by Jupiter’s icy moon of Europa, the main destination in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion, the Europa collection is composed of jackets, hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories that mix both futuristic and streetwear looks,” The press release reads. We’re not too sure how much Jupiter’s moon has been involved in the design process, but the cleanly designed clothing does look pretty good. 

Unlike a lot of gaming-related clothing, the Destiny Europa Capsule Collection isn’t too gaudy, with quite an understated and simplistic design, with just a touch of colour.

The jackets, be they bomber or puffer, are emblazoned with the Frozen Frontier symbol from Beyond Light, as a tidy reference to the game. Alongside this, quilted top sections and patterns are an extra nod to the game, reminiscent of Europa’s armour sets.  

The high-end nature of it all will have you paying 30€ for three pairs of socks, even with them looking like nice socks, you would hope for a price like that, they might have some stat bonuses attached. 

This isn’t the first time you’ve been able to buy some Destiny themed clothing, whether via the Bungie Store, or previously Insert Coin, but these threads are undoubtedly the fanciest. 

You can browse through the entire ARK/8 x Destiny Europa capsule collection here.

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