1047 Games are looking to become “the next Riot Games”

September 20, 2021
Splitgate 1047 Games

After receiving an incredible $100 million from investors, 1047 Games is on a high, and they’ve got even higher hopes for the future. 

“There’s so much we couldn’t think about because we were a tiny team with a tiny budget, but now everything is on the table,” 1047 Games Co-founder and CEO Ian Proulx told TechCrunch in a recent interview following their fundraising success. 

Despite the free-to-play portal shooter, Splitgate, being the studios’ debut title, 1047 Games has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity recently which had them exploding out of early access obscurity so violently that they couldn’t even host the excited player base. 

Despite Splitgate only being “25% done,” according to Proulx, 1047 Games is thinking about the future, as Proulx said to TechCrunch that “we don’t need to be Fortnite tomorrow, but now it really is about building the next Riot Games, the next big games business.”

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Season 0 of Splitgate has already begun, but the game is saying in open beta for a while longer yet, as Proulx has previously announced, on the PlayStation Blog, that “we’ll be staying in beta until we’re ready.” 

In Splitgate’s future, players can look forward to a forge mode, similar to those found in the Halo franchise. 1047 Games even boasted on Twitter that Splitgate will have this level creation mode “before Halo Infinite,” since that feature has been made post-launch content by 343 Industries.

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