Windows 10 20H1 users will no longer be able to delete files in the Downloads folder using Disk Cleanup tool

by Rahul
November 7, 2019

Windows 10’s Disk Cleanup is one of the essential tools that help users delete all the unnecessary folders and files that some time eats up a huge amount of storage space. Alternatively, users can also perform a similar function by using Storage sense that’s built into the Settings app in Windows 10.

While to be able to delete unnecessary files from the system by using Disk cleanup or Storage sense is simple and easy, you need to be very cautious while deleting them, because oftentimes users accidentally tick the Downloads box, which, in turn, deletes all the files inside the Download folder.

Image: Windowslatest

To prevent this, Microsoft has pulled the Downloads option from the list of items that you can delete by using the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 10 20H1 Build 19018 or up. Microsoft said that they’ve decided to remove the Downloads option from the Disk Cleanup tool because users wanted them to.

Not just Disk Cleanup, you’ll notice that the Storage sense also got rid of the Downloads option, meaning that you won’t be able to delete Downloads folder from the Storage Sense either.

However, if you’re running Windows 10 19H1 or older, you still see the Downloads option, so it’s safe to assume that those who don’t want the option in the list need to be on Windows 10 20H1 Update or higher.

via Windowslatest

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