Twitter is giving users greater control over their notifications

Twitter has been fighting spam and abuse on its platform with new privacy features over the past couple of months. The company is giving users greater control over their notification to help cut down on abuse today. Twitter will now let users mute notifications from new users, something which likely contributes to most of the abuse on the platform.

Twitter is also letting users mute notifications from accounts without a profile picture, and accounts who don’t follow the user. Users can also choose to mute notifications from users who haven’t confirmed their phone number or email address as part of today’s update.

This should really help cut down on abuse on Twitter as users will be able to mute almost all of the notifications they don’t want to see. The latest set of notification settings is part of Twitter’s larger set of features that lets users mute almost anything on Twitter.

The new notification settings on Twitter are available right now across different platforms, and users can configure the settings from the web on or from the app on their phone.