TomTom hates Windows Phone, still not planning an app

LOGO_TomTomWe last wrote about TomTom at IFA 2011, when the company made it clear they were not planning to develop for Windows Phone due to its small market share and pessimism about its future.

Now a year and more than 10 million Windows Phones later the company remains unconvinced.

Talking to TechRadar at IFA 2012, they noted that Microsoft and Nokia have already aligned themselves to provide free navigation in Windows Phone.

TomTom MD Corinne Vigeux said "It’s a bit of a love hate relationship with Windows Phone.”

She continued to complain about the size of the market, saying:

"At the end of the day, you develop for a platform when it is big enough and with Samsung’s IFA’s announcements that may well change."

"But for Windows Phone 8 you need the hardware manufacturers to provide a bit of mass in terms of the market and we need to see what is available as well.”

She concluded:

"Microsoft and Nokia have a deal so we need to have a look what’s in there, but we’ll definitely have a look at the opportunity."

We have certainly seen a lot of hate from TomTom for Windows Phone, and no evidence of any love so far, so look forward to the company closing shop eventually when all the platform owners provide their own native navigation features built in.