The Unofficial Verge app for Windows Phone pulled from the Windows Phone Store

by Surur
July 17, 2014

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The unofficial Verge app for Windows Phone has been called “a prime example of the perfect Windows Phone app” but it seems great design is not enough to prevent your app being pulled from the Windows Phone Store.

Developer Anand Prakash, who also works at Microsoft, received a take down notice for his app issued by the Verge, and has had to pull the app until he changes the name and branding.

It appears the issue started when some-one complained that comments sent from the app came with the brand Sent from a Windows Phone which linked back to his app.  This eventually led to the Verge asking for the app to be removed.

Anand expects the app to return to the store in a few days, but the event is another warning to developers making 3rd party apps that they need to be careful about trademarks, lest their app make a sudden disappearance.

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