The rise and rise of anti-Windows Phone articles

imageOver the last 10 days there has been a dramatic increase in Dvorak-like inflammatory articles about Windows Phone 7, I think likely associated with the high profile of the OS due to the Nokia Lumia 900 launch, but also in particular related to the Verge Nokia Lumia 900 review, which got in excess of 2,500 comments.

Rather than dissuade unnecessarily negative articles, the response simply provoked more of them, resulting in articles such as ZDNET’s “Windows Phone’s many problems: Should Microsoft give up?” which concludes with “While two negatives added don’t always make a negative, unfortunately two poops just land you with one giant poop.” The rest of the article is of similar quality.

Continuing on the faecal theme, Gizmodo asks “Dear Windows Phone: Get Your Sh*t Together”, again a rather empty article complaining “Windows Phone is rotten with broken windows, while Apple keeps the paths in its walled garden pristine.”

Another example was the Techcrunch article accusing Windows Phone of being a haven for porn.

I will not be linking these articles, because the last thing I want to do is drive more traffic to articles which are clearly just designed to inflame Windows Phone 7 fans. 

In fact I would suggest when readers come across such inflammatory articles not to leave a comment and then go back and check the response, which just gave the author 3 free page views (the real goal),  but to find the author on their social network and let them know your displeasure directly there.

At least they will not be paid for how many tweets they receive.

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