The next minor version of WP8.1 will support Voice over LTE


The next major change in mobile phone voice calling is VoLTE, which is voice over LTE, a VOIP standard which will finally mean voice calls will become IP based, with the promise of improved quality and higher bandwidth.

The technology is particularly relevant on Verizon, which uses LTE, but still relies on their old CDMA network for voice calls, which prevents simultaneous voice calls and data transfer.


Now Tom Warren, senior editor at the Verge, has revealed the next minor version of Windows Phone 8.1, update 1, will bring support for more VoLTE standards, which suggests we may start seeing the technology showing up in the wild.

He also confirmed that the OS Update will come with improved app folder feature, but of course we knew that already.

Update 1 is expected to start arriving in August, but of course may take a lot longer to show up on handsets.