The IE9 early returns are in: 2 million downloads in 2 days


26, 2010

The first download numbers for IE9 are in, and according to the Exploring IE blog, over 2 million people worldwide downloaded the IE9 beta.  The blog post compares that with the launch of IE8, where it took 5 days to get to 1.3 million downloads, so a nice start for IE9.

We took a peek at our numbers (and you can really tell the javascript performance improvements in IE9 on a site like Google Analytics!), and as could be expected, our readership of enthusiasts and early adopters were quick to jump on the new bits:


Just for fun we pulled all the visits by browser into an Excel chart (data from Google Analytics, with a total of 26k visits from Sept 15-20), and as you can see, 1 in 4 of you visited LiveSide on IE9 in that short period, the most of any browser!

By the way, while you’re here in IE9, give our Pinned Sites a try: just drag the LiveSide favicon to your Taskbar, and check out our Pinned Site and our Jump List!


Still working a bit on the favicons (and btw did you know that you can clear the IE cookies for a single domain using the Developer Tools (F12)?):


(Not new to IE9 Developer Tools but very useful when playing around with Favicon.ico versions!)

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