The All New Logic Bolt Makes Sense at CES 2009


7, 2009

Say hello to the Logic Bolt. The first “Projector Phone” the world has seen was unveiled today at, where else? CES 2009 in Las Vegas, thats where!

We knew the pocket projector was coming to a mobile phone. In fact, we just posted about the possibilities of this technology a while back. Now it looks as though Logic Wireless has finally brought this idea to fruition.

Here is a sample of what the Bolt will offer:

  Built-in projector that casts images 36“ to 64”+
    Touch Screen
     GSM Quad Band
      3 Mega Pixel Camera
       Bluetooth, GPS, Internet
        PowerPoint, Excel, Word
         Connects with Laptop USB, TV, XBox, Wii

   MSRP: $600
   $100 with 2 yr. Carrier Contract

Look forward to future versions including:

  Dual: CDMA + GSM Quad Band
    Live Video Conferencing while projecting
     4 Times Brighter Projection with Brightness Adjustment
      Larger touch screen with slide keyboard
       3 Mega Pixel Camera with 
         *Windows Mobile Software*

The current version of the Bolt is a limited run just to get press and retailers interested in the product, according to Saied. They’ll only make a few thousand, he said. The big production run will come with the second version of the phone, which will run Windows Mobile and debut at the CeBIT trade show in Germany a few months from now.

Quite a different piece of hardware in my opinion but it certainly looks promising.

Tell us what you think in the comments.

For the full specifications on the Logic Bolt hit this link.

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