Telnet client for Windows Phone 7 Mango nearly in Marketplace

SleepyDaddySoftware’s Telnet client has matured considerably since we last saw it, and seems more focussed on work than game playing now.

The app now features:

  • A favorites list.
  • Pin favorites to your start screen to go directly to that host.
  • Macros (or aliases if you prefer), and shortcuts
  • Startup scripts for hosts
  • Setting to disconnect from a host after sending the startup script.
  • Setting to determine whether to connect using the cellular data connection, or whether to prefer one type of connection over the other.
  • Top mud site links, to find new hosts to play.
  • Command history, if your phone has a hardware keyboard use up and down arrow keys to go back to your previous commands.
  • Ability to connect to multiple hosts at once and switch between them.
  • Shortcuts bar for quick access to common commands.
  • Scroll-lock to take your time to view server history.

The app has already been submitted to Marketplace and should be available soon.