T-Mobile Germany to bring Opera Widgets to TouchFlo3D

While HTC has not given the end users free access to modifying TouchFlo3D it does not mean they do not have plans for their UI layer. We have seen tabs added for Sprint TV in USA, and now T-Mobile is planning to add a tab hosting Opera Mobile widgets.

Opera Widgets are small javascript-based web applications that work across the desktop, mobile phone and other platforms.

The widgets as implemented in the TouchFlo3D tabs will be for popular websites like E-bay, Amazon, MySpace and so forth, and will be able to accept and display notifications from the hosting sites, like an auction ending on Ebay, and the notifications will be collated and displayed on the active tab in TouchFlo3D

T-Mobile hopes to bring these widgets also to the other platforms on its network.

Read more at Opera’s website here.

Via theunwired.net