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Hi everyone,

We are temporarily stopping developer submissions on MSPU due to a couple of issues. We’ll try our best to bring it back as soon as possible, but we can’t promise anything at the moment.

Please check back here in a few weeks for further updates.

Thank you,
The MSPU Team

registered users can submit articles, and  posts will be held for moderation.

Register by clicking here and clicking on the registration link. When registering please do not use a hotmail or Windows Live account, as the registration email is often dropped by them.

Already registered?  Log in here. Then return to this page.  If the form still does not show up on this page clear your browser cache.

Please do not submit direct copies of articles from other sites, and if pictures are used, ideally these should be uploaded and linked from a site such as Imgur rather than the original source.

Basic HTML is allowed. YouTube videos can be embedded by simply including the full URL of your video in your post.

Required fields are denoted with an *

Note to developers: This is a free opportunity to make a sales pitch to 30-50,000 Windows Phone users in one day. In return we strongly suggest you spend some time on the article you wish to submit. No need to go overboard, but at least include a link to your app (!), the price, whether it has a free trial and some graphics to illustrate the greatness of you app. Embedded videos are ideal by simply including the URL to your video.  A single header image can be 800 pixels wide.

Please do not cut and paste from your Windows Phone Store entry or hotlink to pictures embedded in another forum or Google Plus.

Please, no fake reviews of your own app!

The title needs to include “Developer Submission:” at the start, otherwise your article will be rejected

A well written and attractively formatted article is more likely to feature on the front page. Please check the formatting in the confirmation email sent after submission. If your article has unlinked URLs, images without proper HTML image tags it may be a good idea to fix these and submit again. It may be simpler to write your article in Windows Live Writer and then cut and paste the HTML code into the TEXT (not visual) tab of the submission form.

Here are some shortcodes you can use to make your article look better:

short codes

Not all releases will be posted – feel free to also post your release directly in the software section of our new forum here.Poorly presented apps will be ignored!

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