Sony release an updated PlayStation VR headset, but an Xbox One X VR headset may be worth the wait


2, 2017

Microsoft has long said that the Xbox One X will be VR-capable, promising “Our plan is to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio, in 2018.” In the meantime, Sony has already sold more than 1 million PlayStation VR headsets and has now announced an update to the headset with some improved features.

The headset now features a more ergonomic design, with the headphone jack now in the back of the band rather than on the front of the unit, making for a neater appearance and better cord management.

The connection cable to the PS4 is now also thinner, and the Processor Unit has been upgraded, meaning you no longer have to unplug it to see HDR content. This, unfortunately, makes the Processor Unit incompatible with existing headsets.

Sony will launch the updated headset on the 14th October in Japan, bundled with the PlayStation Camera for  ¥44,980 ($400).  A worldwide release date has not been announced yet.

While Sony is launching their second PSVR device, Microsoft is getting ready to launch their own raft of 3rd party Windows Mixed Reality headsets, for around the same price as the PSVR, but to the larger market of PC gamers.  Microsoft does appear to have missed a beat by not making these headsets compatible with the XBox One X, but this may be because they wanted to keep the lucrative accessory revenue to themselves with their own dedicated Xbox-branded solution.

UploadVR speculates that Microsoft may be working on a wireless VR headset for the Xbox One X, which would make sense given that being tethered to a console under your TV will always be awkward.

They note that AMD, who powers the Xbox One X, has recently purchased Nitero, a company that previously received investment from Valve and who makes “wireless technology specifically tuned to make VR headsets wireless while still offering high fidelity.”

Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman has previously said that it was Microsoft’s “belief that console VR should be wireless”, and  Intel’s Director of virtual reality, Kim Pallister, has also recently said  Intel was working closely with Microsoft on wireless VR technology.

Microsoft is having a major Mixed Reality event tomorrow, and while it is mostly expected to focus on Windows Mixed Reality headsets, a “One More Thing” which includes a Wireless Xbox One X VR headset would be a very welcome surprise.

Via the Verge

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