Sol Cresta is no longer just an April Fools joke



Despite when it was announced, and the date today Sol Cresta, the sequel to 1985’s Terra Cresta, is actually real. 

Announced first a year ago today, we now have a follow-up announcement in a trailer that looks remarkably real for what was once thought of as an April fools joke.

The return to the arcade classic series shows off some wonderfully nostalgic shoot-’em-up gameplay that we can’t wait to get back to. 

The reveal of Sol Cresta comes as part of a series by PlatinumGames titled Platinum 4, also encompassing, Project GG, The Wonderful 101 Remastered, PlatinumGames Tokyo. 

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Sol Cresta is set to release later on in 2021, though part of me wishes it could release on next years April fools day to go three for three.

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