Snail Games partners with ‘ARK’ creators to bring Jurassic experience to VR

One of China’s leading MMO and interactive online games developers, Snail Games, has just announced a partnership with Studio Wildcard, developers of the popular title ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’, to create an immersive VR experience where users will get to roam an open world set in the Jurassic era; where they can watch, learn about, and interact with more than a hundred Jurassic-period creatures and dinosaurs. So if you’ve ever wanted to experience your own Jurassic Park, here’s your chance.

The app, appropriately titled Ark Park, will be set in a futuristic dinosaur theme park; where instead of hunting and taming dinosaurs, players will have the opportunity to truly appreciate and understand dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Players can also participate in a multiplayer tour, so that they can share their experiences in the true to life virtual reality attraction.

“ARK Park is designed with the concept of creating a simulated world that could never exist in reality,” said Shi Hai, CEO, Snail Games. “Instead of a linear plot structure, we created this world where players have the freedom to explore and approach every single detail in the virtual space at their own pace. We wanted to achieve a level of visual authenticity and player interactivity that will set a benchmark in the VR industry.”

The app will be powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and will feature a blend of real-life imagery and 3D textures. No word yet on a release timeframe, pricing, or exactly which VR platforms will support the title, but we’ll update readers as soon as more information is available. In the meantime you can check out some promo images below, and sign up for more information about the title here.