Sadly the “Lumia 1030” will never be


5, 2014

Author Surur // in News

lumia-1030With the recently leaked high end “Lumia 1030” we had some hope that Microsoft would actually deliver something high end in the next few months, but now, according to Senior Verge Editor Tom Warren this hope is well displaced.

He tweeted:

This message is of course not new, and the device was announced as a prototype of the cancelled Nokia McLaren when it was first leaked, but I think we did get somewhat carried away by rumours that the device was in fact in production.

This does leave us with somewhat of a bleak winter to look forward to, with no high end devices being leaked even via AdDuplex. There is however quite a lot of excitement around Mobile World Congress 2015 in March, and we are certainly aiming to be there to see what Microsoft actually has up their sleeve.

Via GeeksonGadgets

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