The writing is on the wall for the Outlook desktop app, reports the WC. In a quest to create a cross-platform client, Microsoft is looking to replace the desktop app with a web app called Project Monarch.

Project Monarch aims to create a “One Outlook” web app which can be deployed on Windows, Mac and also the web, much how apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams works identically on all desktop platforms. This means the app will maintain features such as notifications, off-line storage, share targets etc.

The web app is expected to be deployed in place of the UWP Mail and Calendar app, and be available to both free and commercial clients.

The app will be based on the existing Outlook Web App, which is slightly concerning regarding the speed and resilience of the app.

The project is currently ongoing and is only expected to bear fruit in around a year. In the meantime, the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app will be in maintenance mode.

The effort reminds one somewhat of the attempts to replace the legacy OneNote app with the less mature UWP app, a decision which Microsoft ultimately reversed. It remains to be seen how successful Project Monarch will be.

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