PUBG has officially sold 70 million copies across three years of release on three different platforms.

Revealed via a report by GamesIndustry, the popular battle royale title has managed to pick up 70 million customers since the title launched in early access back in 2017.

The last time that developer PUBG Corp released their sales figures was two years ago when the game had reached a sales landmark of 50 million copies.

Since its release, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has seen releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While console ports of the battle royale game were hotly anticipated following the game’s breakout success on PC, the game was a horrendous experience upon its Xbox launch that Microsoft spent months fixing.

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Thankfully, PUBG on consoles is now a fine way to play the game. With crossplay functionality, frequent content updates and a consistent playerbase, you can certainly play the game.