Pinch iMessenger now also in WP7 Marketplace

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Pinch iMessenger is a cross platform messaging client with cool location based mobile social networking features integrated for greater fun.

The service features a gaming element in which real and virtual prizes can be won, and seems to be a combination of foursquare and IM.

The app features:

  • Pinches – Message using 475+ emoticons and 3D animations. Share pictures.
  • People – Pinch friends everywhere.
  • Places – Locate friends nearby on maps using location pins. Get directions to meet them. Register places travelled. Share social updates on the move.
  • Play – Discover new dimensions to messaging with points, pins, medals on leader boards.
  • Pay Nothing – Send millions of messages without SMS/MMS/roaming charges.

Pinch iMessenger can be found in Marketplace here.