Now Google is blocking Windows Phones from accessing


4, 2013

Author Surur // in News

Google blocks Windows Phones from accessing Google Maps

I guess we missed the declaration, but it seems the cold war between Microsoft and Google has really warmed up.

Google has previously already said they will not be making apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8, but now they have taking things a step further by blocking Windows Phones (both 7.5 and 8) from accessing

If you try you are automatically redirected to Google’s mobile search page, even if your phone is in desktop mode, which of course does not give you access to Google Maps.

Strangely enough, for now, works perfectly fine, indicating some switch somewhere did get flipped. 

I guess being given a pass by the FTC has made Google a bit more bold. That $25 million in lobbying sure went far…

Thanks pkm for the tip.

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