Nokia’s Interim CEO Risto Siilasmaa Talks About Nokia’s Future


11, 2013

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Last week, Nokia announced an agreement in which Microsoft will purchase Nokia’s Devices & Services business. If this sale goes through, we will no longer see a mobile device coming out of Nokia anytime soon. Nokia’s interim CEO spoke to Nokia Conversations about the future of the iconic company Nokia. He said that, Nokia will depend on three main businesses going forward.

  • “The first element of Nokia Reinvented is NSN, our networks business, supplying technology and infrastructure to operators worldwide. We will continue to manage NSN as a strong, independent unit.

    “NSN is the mobile broadband specialist and especially strong in LTE. With our strong and focused investment in R&D, we will continue to launch uniquely innovative solutions such as the Liquid Applications that was announced in Barcelona earlier this year.”

  • “HERE is another key business for Nokia. HERE is making solid progress to becoming the leading location cloud business through an offering across connected devices, enterprise solutions and car.

    “We believe that location technologies and services will be pivotal in the next phase of the mobile Internet, where more and more devices are connected to the cloud. We also believe that location will become an essential building block across all industries.

    “HERE is already available in 4 out of 5 cars with in-dash navigation and we have mapped millions of kilometers of road across the world. And we’re committed to continue to extend our coverage.

  • “Finally, we will form a new business, Advanced Technologies, building on most of the activities from the current CTO unit and the IP business team, while exploring new, strategically important topics.

    “Our CTO organization has a strong track record in innovations that continue to shape the industry. In recent years, these have included the leading technologies for video and audio encoding, including H.264 and HD voice; low-power connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth LE (low energy) and imaging technologies which are now powering augmented reality apps such as HERE Live Sight.

I’m more interested about the third business Nokia outlined above. The CTO unit at Nokia is still strong and the Nokia’s investment in research and development in the past has helped them build a largest and strongest intellectual property portfolio in mobile industry. Microsoft can make use of the new technological breakthroughs and inventions from Nokia’s CTO unit before other competitors if their current relationship continues.

What do you think?

Source: Nokia

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