Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’ Aluminum Engineering Prototype Images Leaked, 41 megapixels confirmed

Nokia EOS MEtal12

There have been rumours of a Nokia EOS 2 that is not made of polycarbonate but aluminium instead.  Now CNBeta have found what may be some engineering prototypes of such a shell, which they say may have been manufactured using metal injection techniques.

Another image has leaked out which appears to be a final part of the Nokia EOS camera assembly, and which confirms that the device will indeed sport a 41 megapixel camera.

nokia EOS Metal 2

CNBeta can not say if this will eventually result in a final product yet, but it would make for a somewhat more premium (and even slimmer) device.

What’s your opinion on Nokia’s decision to go with polycarbonate?

Source: weibo via: cnbeta

Thanks to Hengxiang32401 for the heads up.