Niantic hints at Pokemon Go for Hololens


10, 2016


This  month’s hit game is Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game by Niantic which projects the world of Pokemon on the streets and parks of the real world.

But Niantic is hoping to spin the title into more than a one-hit wonder. The company was previously known for their location-based Ingress game which despite backing by Google was never a real success.

By adding Pokemon characters to which is essentially the same game play they have now finally struck gold, but CEO  John Hanke is already thinking of the next step.

The iOS and Android game will soon get a trading card system, which  Hanke called “a core element” but for Windows users he teased a more interesting development.

The game currently uses your phone’s camera to make it look like you’re encountering Pokemon in real life. Calling this the “very most basic versions,” Hanke suggested that further improvements would come to the augmented reality, including possible support for dedicated AR devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens.

“That may be a fun thing to take advantage of,” Hanke teases.

And for those not willing to spend $3500 on a Hololens, hopefully the UWP app will also make it to our devices eventually.

Read more about other planned features at here.

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