Netflix for Android delayed due to fragmentation–score one Windows Phone 7

brokenandroidNetflix has announced that, after delivering Netflix for Windows phone 7,  a player for their streaming video service for Android has been delayed to 2011, and that even then it will only come to certain handsets.

Complaining about a lack of “generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism” which led to “piracy concerns”, they notes their solution was ultimately to work with each OEM and handset vendor individually to bring support, something which is clearly sub-optimal.

Microsoft has intentionally taken an approach with Windows phone 7 to avoid fragmentation, not due to Android but due to experience with Windows Mobile. They have also intentionally worked to create a platform friendly to content providers, much like the iPhone, and while this may irk power users at times, it does mean content providers feel more secure, and with easy development allows Windows Phone 7 to punch above his weight at present.