My NetQ – Netflix Queue manager for Windows Phone

My NetQ is a new Netflix DVD, Saved and Instant queue manager. The official Netflix is lacking any option to maintain your DVD queue, My NetQ is the perfect solution to manage your queues.

In addition to queue management My NetQ also adds a Rental History view, Search for video titles, biography, filmography, news and professional critic reviews when available.

My NetQ can be found on in the Windows Phone marketplace for $1.99 USD, there is a trial version as well.


My NetQ was designed by Component Designs – we use the products we create.

Component Designs does not use, save or share any personal information from your phone, this includes location information. The My NetQ application will not ask for your Netflix account information, you will be taken directly to Netflix to create a security token used for account information. You can remove My NetQ access to your Netflix account by going to account maintenance and remove device access.